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Wedding and Engagement, Portraiture, Events, School, Sports/Action, Product, Commercial, Landscape photography based in Fallon, Nevada.


Why the name "Desert Reflections"?  Desert because we are blessed and lucky enough to live in the high desert of northern Nevada.  Reflections because everything we see is the result of reflected light.  If something does not reflect light we cannot see it.


As a veteran of 27 years military service I have carried a camera with me wherever my duty stations or ships took me.  I have always been fascinated with, and loved photographing faces.  Photographing landscapes is fun but photographing a face is special.  Isolated cultures once thought that a photograph was witchcraft because they believed the photographic image captured the individuals spirit and held it captive.  I can understand how they could think that as I often feel a connection to the subjects in my photographs while processing the images.  Indeed  -  printed photographs are special.


Desert Reflections Photography is all about "Capturing Life's Memories".  We are not just photographers—we are historians who capture moments preserved in print for future generations.  Photography is about preserving your history for your future.  Digital is neat.  You can see your digital images anywhere you go.  You can see them on your phone, you can see them on your tablet, you can see them on your laptop, and you can see them on your computer at home.  But prints are special.  When you hold a print in your hand, or you give a print to someone else to hold, there is an immediate connection to that time and place or to that event.  We interact emotionally and physically with prints.


Should budget constraints be part of what has you procrastinating about family photographs, don't worry about it.  Go ahead and let me photograph you and or your loved ones.  Review the proof images and choose your favorites that you feel reasonably sure you would like to have in final format.  There is no obligation until the time you are ready to order your prints, album, or other products.  At that time you may order as much or as little as your comfortable with, and you have a year to do so.  If a year is not long enough just let me know and we can extend the time period for ordering.  Again without any financial obligation until, you actually order, and you can order as often as you like.  And in the event you decide to never place an order that is fine also.  The important thing is for you to choose your favorites now so that I can process them to final and have them ready for you to order once you choose to do so.



Call the studio now to book your wedding or photo session:      (775) 423-3433